A win and proof of the true democracy of the USA! President Donald Trump has been impeached!

America is a true democracy. It has again proven this to the World. Any head of a country misusing power will not be spared! So now, the US House of Representatives has impeached the current US President Donald Trump for abuse of power as a President. He is the third chief executive of the USA to have this formal charge against him. This has been made possible due to the presence of the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors. Hail the USA and its democracy!

Donald Trump and his impeachment

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday 18 December 2019 announced that Donald Trump, the current President has been impeached for abuse of power. He is the third American chief executive to get a formal charge under the Constitution’s ultimate remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Donald Trump had abused the power of his office and enlisted the help of a foreign (Ukraine) government. He had wanted the outside government to investigate a political rival before the 2020 election. Additionally, the House also charged the 45th President of the USA of obstruction of Congress in its investigation. The Nation was divided over this impeachment. Similarly, the historic vote was split along the party lines.

The vote tally was as follows: for the first count the votes were 230 for impeachment and 197 voted against it. While for the second charge, 229 voted for impeachment while 198 were against it. So the impeachment votes win. The House said:

“President Trump, by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office,”

Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif. of the Intelligence Committee that led the inquiry stated:

“The president and his men plot on,”

“The danger persists. The risk is real.”

How it all happened?

On Wednesday night, Democrats led the voting. They felt that it was their duty to protect the Constitution and uphold the Nation’s system of checks and balances which is in place ready to be used. But the Republicans, as expected, sided their leader. But the world knows that Donald Trump had tested the boundaries of civic norms on several occasions. Donald was angry and upset against the whole process and called the whole affair “witch hunt,” “hoax” and “sham.” But despite his unwillingness to face it, it all started and went on to be completed.

Nancy Pelosi [Source: Associated Press]
He was telling a political rally held in Michigan:

“The crazy Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame.”

But Nancy Pelosi risked her majority as well as speakership to initiate the impeachment process. She had said:

“Today we are here to defend democracy for the people,”

The voting was done by ballot papers.

What is the next step after the impeachment?

Once the President’s impeachment is completed, it will go to the Senate for a trial. Impeachment is the political equivalent of an indictment. It is expected that Donald would be acquitted by the chamber which is Republican-led. Even if this happens, he still carries with him the stain of an impeachment. He can enter the reelection process in 2020 but with the tarnished image.

Nancy and Donald Trump [Source: CNBC]
The Senate trial will commence in January 2020. After he faces the trial, voting would be redone. At least 2/3rd votes against him will convict him. While the House has a majority of Democrats, unfortunately, Republican numbers in the Senate are more. Hence, it is likely, that he will be favored there and escape the conviction.

Short Bio on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States, before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. More Bio…

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