Wokefishing: A new dating deception to be aware of and avoid in online dating!

Wokefishing: A new dating deception to be aware of and avoid in online dating!
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  • The virtual world has its plus points, but there are also a lot of negativities in it.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have taken to online dating.
  • There has been a 36% surge in people who are using this online dating to meet their prospective partners.

But along with this virtual romance, there is also a surge in the number of deceptions in the online dating world. Wokefishing is a new dating deception? What exactly is wokefishing?

Wokefishing-what it is?

Wokefishing is a new term for a form of dating deception. Modern people prefer to date online and it has become more common with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But as is common in the virtual world, this type of dating also has its share of problems. A lot of deceptions occur in this online dating using apps. People masquerade as what they actually are not to win other people’s hearts and maybe, later on, cheat them.

Wokefishing [Source: The Irish Times]
Wokefishing is one such form of cheating. This is a term coined by VICE journalist Serena Smith. It refers to a person online who presents himself or herself as one holding liberal views but is not so in real life.

The person professes something online and is something else in real life. In short, this person who wokefishes presents as if he or she is woke, but has a lot of conservative social and political views.

More on this new term

For instance, a person posts a black square on their Instagram feed in support of #BlackLivesMatter, but in actual life continues to use racist words and abuses behind people’s backs. These people are ‘wokefish’.

Another example would be a person who writes on his or her post #SaveTheTurtles and also puts a photo of a metal straw. But in real life, he or she uses plastic straws in plastic disposable Starbucks cups daily.

Online dating app on the smartphone [Source: Inside Hook]
Unlike catfishing, wokefishing may not always be intentional or malicious. Some people think they are progressive but they do not self-reflect and correct their negative behaviors. They lack self-awareness and are misinformed. But this is nonetheless an annoying habit.

What should be done to avoid this deception?

Sometimes, one overlooks these hypocrisies from a friend or relative. But they might find it difficult to do so with a dating partner.

One usually looks for a handsome (or beautiful), tall, and humorous dating partner, but there are more important criteria for the right dating partner.

Recognizing a Wokefish may take time but it has to be done early lest it ruins your relationship later on. Remember that those who shout the loudest have the least to say. A person who promotes his or her progressive views may not be progressive.

Online dating and wokefishing [Source: The List]
At times, it may be crucial to interrogate the person’s views. Or use some indirect way to find out what they claim they practice also. Observation is vital and one must watch how one treats others. Pay proper attention to the language used. Look for actions more than words.

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