World scandal! Lockdown or no Lockdown for coronavirus pandemic -any difference?

World scandal! Lockdown or no Lockdown for coronavirus pandemic -any difference?
  • Worldwide countries have imposed a strict lockdown on their residents!
  • It has been now nearly 3-4 months that most of the countrymen are struggling with the difficult-to-deal with mobility restrictions rules!

The world economy has suffered badly and may take years to recover. But as we look back at the events and have more data at hand to evaluate, was this all necessary? Was there sufficient data to back the experiment? Did the experiment help?

The latest evidence of the success of the lockdown experiment

Worldwide many countries pursued the lockdown experiment which had no scientific proof. They still went ahead to impose it on its unwilling citizens. Did they achieve what they had set out to get in the first place?

And what was the adverse effect of this lockdown on the lives of millions of people worldwide? As viral infections become more frequent due to several reasons including climate change, will the governments continue to do this at regular intervals???

Lockdown -Was it necessary? [Source: The Sun UK]
The lockdown experiment can well be dubbed the world’s major scandal. This should be a moment of enlightenment for governments of the world nations. It has brought the world to a brake and has also damaged the global economy beyond repair.

More on this lockdown scandal

The mass media worldwide is spending more time trying to get figures on cases and deaths. They are overlooking the one important question that people need to ask. Did the lockdown serve any useful purpose?

Marko Kolanovic is a strategist at the investment bank, JP Morgan. He states that countries were forced to push in lockdowns which were late and inefficient.

Studies reveal that the infection rates felt after the lockdown was eased. Marko feels that the coronavirus has its dynamics and continued to go through its natural course. The lockdown seems to have not affected it in any way.

Data on lockdown and its impact on cases [Source: The Sun UK]
Denmark opened schools and shopping centers at the end of April 2020. And despite that, there was no spike in its cases. They continued to remain low. On 7 May, its R-value was 0.7. And on 18 May 2020, it fell to O.6. An R-value should be less than one to mean control of spread.

If the value is above 1, it means that the virus spread is accelerating. Germany too has eased its restrictions and still, the R-value is below 1. Many other countries have similar dropping R-values even after the lifting of the lockdown.

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Gradual easing and its relation with case increase

Many countries have eased restrictions but not lifted them completely. They are going cautious about it and employing a gradual easing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has opined that sudden lift could lead to a second wave of infection in Europe.

Lockdown caused no appreciable change to the coronavirus and its spread and patient affliction. But it did lead the global economy to ruins. More people suffered due to the lockdown than due to the coronavirus. 

Data on lockdown [Source: The Sun UK]
Marko claims rightly:

“Unlike rigorous testing of new drugs, lockdowns were administered with little consideration that they might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than Covid-19 itself,”

“At the same time, millions of livelihoods were being destroyed.”

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