Is World’s Dirtiest Man, Amou Haji still alive? Meet the world’s dirtiest man who has not showered in 65 years

Is World’s Dirtiest Man, Amou Haji still alive? Meet the world’s dirtiest man who has not showered in 65 years
Source: Outlook India
  • The world’s Dirtiest Man, Amou Haji is still alive
  • He hasn’t taken bath for over 70 years
  • Amou has Aquaphobia (fear of water)

Amou Haji, the 83 years old Iranian hasn’t bathed for over seven decades because he is scared of water. According to Amou, if he will bath, he will fall ill. As a result, Cleanliness brings him sickness.

The World's Dirtiest Man, Amou Haji
The World’s Dirtiest Man, Amou Haji (Source: Wikimylinks)

Presently, he lives in holes found in the outskirts of the village in the Iranian desert.

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How did Amou Haji has been surviving in the Iranian desert?

Amou Haji home is in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran. Locals of Dejgah village believe that a broken heart was the reason that Amou Haji chose this lifestyle.

Presently, he lives in an open brick shack and sleeps in a hole made in the desert outside the village. He is a big fan of non-veg and dislikes home-cooked food. However, his favorite meal is rotting animal meats, especially porcupine meat.

Amou Haji lifestyle
Amou Haji lifestyle (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Haji drinks five liters of water from a large rusty oil can every day. Haji is very fond of smoking cigarettes. He smokes animal dung out of a rusty pipe instead of tobacco.

Similarly, he keeps his hair short and burns his locks in a fire for a haircut. As for clothing, he wears rags and wears a war helmet to keep warm during winters

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What is the age of Amou Haji?

Amou was born in the year 1940, in Southern Iran. The birthplace of Amou is Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah Province, Iran. He follows the Islam religion.

Amou Haji enjoying animal dung
Amou Haji enjoying animal dung (Source: Times Now)

Talking about nationality, he holds Iranian citizenship. Amou took his last tub in the year 1954.

Amu is not the only man who hasn’t bathed for years, Guru Kailash Singh from Varanasi refused to bathe, soon after his marriage in 1974.