Wrestler Seth Rollins regained Universal Championship at SummerSlam! Who is his girlfriend?

The main event of the SummerSlam 2019 was the Universal Championship match in which Seth Rollins challenged Brock Lesnar. he won the belt from WrestleMania.

Similarly, the build-up to this was about Lesnar beating the crap out of Seth Rollins and throwing him around and manhandling him like it was nothing.

Seth Rollins won Summerslam
Source: CBS Sports(Seth Rollins won Summerslam)

After that, Seth Rollins took his shirt off for the match and revealed his taped up ribs. Brock Lesnar picked him up by the rib tape and swung him around the circle before throwing him down.

Likewise, he had got in a bit of offense before that, but afterward, it began to look like this match would be another extended beatdown.

But, Seth managed to escape from an F-5 attempt on the floor and drive Brock’s head into the ring post twice. After that, Seth hit a flying knee but he suffered from another German suplex. Finally, Seth raised his new regained Universal Championship to the sky.

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Who is Seth Rollins dating?

The American professional wrestler Seth Rollins is in a relationship with Rebecca Quin. They confirmed their dating rumor in May 2019. Previously, he was in a relationship with Sarah Alesandrelli since December 2016.

He posted their pictures on social media. They were enjoying each others company and having a good time together.

Seth Rollins and his girlfriend Becky Lynch
Source: YouTube(Seth Rollins and his girlfriend Becky Lynch)

He also dated Leighla Schultz from the year 2013 to 2014. After, that he dated Zahra Schreiber in 2015. She posted nude pictures of Rollins and Zahra on social media account to end their relationship. His present girlfriend Rebecca Quin is an Irish professional wrestler. Similarly, she signed to WWE on the Raw brand under the ring name Becky Lynch.

Seth Rollins life and net worth

The American professional wrestler Colby Lopez known as Seth Rollins was born on 28th May 1986 in Buffalo, Iowa, USA. He was an introvert when she was a teenager. He has currently signed to WWE where he performs on the Raw brand. Similarly, he is the current Universal Champion in his second reign.

After signing WWE, he wrestled under the ring name of Tyler Black for Ring of Honor. He has held the ROH World Championship once and the ROH World Tag Team Championship twice. The estimated net worth of Seth is around $9 million.

His WWE contract is said to be around $3 million. Likewise, he receives the annual salary of around $2.7 million from WWE. Moreover, he has a luxurious mansion in Davenport, Lowa which is worth $1 million.

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins
Source: Sportskeeda(WWE wrestler Seth Rollins)

Furthermore, he owns several expensive cars like Lamborghini Aventador worth $402,995, Tesla Models cost $81,200, 2015 Cadillac CTS worth $59,340, Range Rover Sport worth $67,650.

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Short bio on Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is an American professional wrestler who performs on the Raw brand and is the current Universal Champion in his first reign. He is currently signed to WWE. Previously, he wrestled under the ring name Tyler Black for Ring of Honor(ROH). See more…

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