Yin Shihang Proposed His Girlfriend On A Livestream; Banned From Kuaishou After The Event?

Yin Shihang Proposed His Girlfriend On A Livestream; Banned From Kuaishou After The Event?
Yin Shihang banned from Kuaishou after his live stream
  • Yin Shihang with more than 8 million followers proposed to his girlfriend in the live stream
  • He got banned from Kuaishou just after the engagement event
  • Alongside the praise, many of his followers complained of deception and crass product placement

Yin Shihang is a Chinese social media influencer with more than 8 million followers. Recently, he promised his fan base that he would propose to his girlfriend in a live stream with their followers.

However, after the event, his followers were not happy after joining the live stream on the Kuaishou website. Was the live stream full of romance or something else than what he promised his followers?

Here is all you need to know about the live stream and the engagement event.

Yin Shihang planned an engagement

Yin Shihang introduced his girlfriend Tao Lulu to his 8 million followers on a live stream. However, things did not go well for the couple after the engagement event which he promised to share with followers on a live stream. Last weekend, the influencer came dressed in a white suit walking down the red carpet lined in the room.

He decorated the room with pink and white balloons. However, it took a while but fans started realizing that the Livestream was not the romantic fantasy that he promised.

Yin Shihang got a lot of backlash after his recent live stream (Source: YouTube)

On the live stream, he started talking about the products perfume, pajamas, lipstick, necklaces, and mobile phones. As per the local news media, he pitched $7.2 million through in-app purchases. Alongside the sales, the complaints from viewers started flooding in from the viewers.

Some of the viewers said the marriage proposal was just a  deception and crass product placement. In his broadcast on Saturday, the influencer’s live stream got over  2,30,000 complaints on the website. Their engagement event was one of the most trending live streams on the platform. During the live stream, he managed to sell 46.1 million yuan ($7.2 million) worth of goods.

Livestream that was misleading marketing

Though Yin Shihang promised his fans the live stream was all about proposing his girlfriend to be his wife. However, soon into the live stream, fans started noticing it was just misleading marketing.

On Monday, Kuaishou released a statement that the website has banned him for “hype-driven sales,” “vulgar performance,” and false advertising during his broadcast. His fans and followers have witnessed his constant break-ups and reconciliations between him and Tao Lulu.

Fans say the live stream of Yin was just misleading marketing (Source: Daily News)

After the news of Yin’s banishment, there are over 320,000 likes by Wednesday afternoon. Many were happy after the news while some were angry as he still managed to make money out of the live stream.

A day before the live stream, they posted a staged video where she told his girlfriend about the proposal that he promised would happen in the live stream the next day. After the promotional live stream, he is banned from the website and won’t be live streaming now.