Yoga Teacher Alanna Zabel Claimed Adam Levine Treated Her Like Used Trash!

Yoga Teacher Alanna Zabel Claimed Adam Levine Treated Her Like Used Trash!
Adam Levine's yoga teacher accused him of treating her like a trash. source: Page Six
  • Adam Levine’s yoga teacher is the fourth woman who accused the singer of his scandalous behavior.
  • Alanna Zabel was the singer’s personal yogi for 3 years from 2007 to 2010.
  • She also revealed the disturbing text Levine once sent her.

See how Adam Levine mistreated his yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel

As more women are coming out to speak against Adam Levine, his own former yoga teacher now has accused him of sending her inappropriate texts.

Alanna Zabel, who was the Maroon 5 frontman’s yoga teacher from 2007 to 2010 accused the singer of treating her like used trash.

She told a publication on Thursday:

“This isn’t about a love affair or a salacious text, it’s about being a decent human being,”

“Friends don’t treat each other like used trash, and that’s how he treated me.”

Adam Levine
The yogi was Adam’s instructor for 3 years. source: Page Six

Earlier this week, the yogi publicly stood out against Levine and claimed he once sent her a text that read:

”I want to spend the day with you naked.”

Zabel who found the text very disturbing, initially thought that the message may have been for his girlfriend at the time. But the text led to a physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend.

At the time, the yogi was all set to join Maroon 5  on a three-month tour as the band’s yoga instructor. She claimed that the singer ignored her messages about what had happened. He never apologized for his behavior and even removed her from the gig.

Alanna added:

“I felt that we cared about each other, and he iced me out during a deeply upsetting time,”

Before Zabel, four other women accused the Animal singer of inappropriate texts and affairs.

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Instagram model accused Levine of having physcial relationship with her

The first woman to start the movement was Instagram model Sumner Stroh after she posted a TikTok video claiming that Levine had an affair with her last year.

The model claimed that Levine used to watch her stories, like her posts, and even sent her flirtatious texts while still being married to Behati Prinsloo.

Stroh shared a screenshot of the singer telling her he wanted to name his forthcoming child after her. The model even went on to accuse the singer of having a physical relationship with her after she graduated college.

Adam Levine
Model Sumner Stroh also accused Levine of being physical with her. source: Page Six

Zabel explained her allegations by saying:

“When I found out that Adam had asked this influencer if he could name his baby after her, I saw him in a completely different light and decided it was finally time to share this,”

“If I wanted my 15 minutes of fame, I would have gone public with this a very long time ago.”

The yoga instructor also hopes that the singer will learn from his past mistakes.

Zabel concluded:

“It’s simple. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t treat women like they are disposable or that their value is solely based on their looks. And for God’s sake, please be a role model for your young girls. Children learn by what they see far more than what they’re told.”

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