YouTuber couples who nearly broke up due to pranks! Find about their relationship

YouTubers do many pranks with their friends, family, and lover. Here are some YouTuber couples who have done extreme pranks on each other.

1) Ana & Alex:

Ana Maximiliano and Alex Hernandez are two YouTubers who are madly in love with each other. They have a collaborative YouTube channel with more than 636k followers. On 18th June 2020, they posted a video where Ana pranked him. She pranked him that she cheated on Alex with her ex-boyfriend. They titled the video I Cheated on You With My Ex!! **He Kicked Me Out**. 

They prank each other a lot. Likewise, they have done some serious pranks on each other.

2) Hello Langie and Lil Drip:

Langie and Ricco started as best friends. They have been dating each other for a year now. They make prank each other such as I Cheated… Im So Sorry, My Ex is Stalking Me Prank On Boyfriend!, Accusing my Girlfriend of Stealing, Telling My Girlfriend She Doesn’t Turn Me On and many others.

They end up pissing each other off but forgive each other at the end of these videos.

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3) Maddie and Elijah:

YouTuber Maddie Joy and Elijah Wireman started dating in their teenage. They were in a long-distance relationship but live together now. They have done some crazy pranks on each other. Also, they have done Drunk Boyfriend Prank on Girlfriend, Cheating with the door locked prank on boyfriend, Leaving my girlfriend with only a goodbye letter and many others.

Their YouTube channel has more than 1.93 million subscribers. Together, they are an adorable couple.

4) Riss & Quan:

Rissa G and Shaquan Roberts are young couples who have to make challenges, workout videos, pranks, and many other types of content. Their collaborative YouTube channel has more than 1.52 million subscribers.

They prank each other and has done pranks like Telling My Girlfriend I Want an Open Relationship To See How She Reacts, Cheating In Front Of My Boyfriend’s Best Friend!, I Tried Leaving My Girlfriend and many others.

5) Sam & Jess:

Sam Jose and Jessica Baio are YouTuber couples who have been dating for a while. Their YouTube channel Sam and Jess have more than 374k subscribers. Sam proposed Jessica on 27th June 2020 at the age of 18.

Sam made a video of the proposal. They have done pranks like Hilarious Haunted Room Prank On Boyfriend, Cheating With My Ex Prank, Waking up to a Random Girl In My Bed, and many other types of pranks.

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6) Jatie Vlogs:

Jatie Vlogs is a YouTube couple channel of Katie Betzing and Josh Brueckner with more than 2.57 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They have been together for 2 years. They got engaged in November 2019 where Josh made a video of his proposal titled as Proposing To My Girlfriend In Front Of Millions Of People.

Similarly, they have done prank videos like Having Her Sisters Lipstick On Me Prank!, I Sold My Fiances Dirtbike, Sending Dirty Texts To My Fiance’s Sister and others.

7) Slaiman and Kate:

Slaiman and Kate Martineau are YouTuber couple who has more than 484k subscribers on their couple channel. They also post video on another channel ‘Whealth by Slaiman’. They have done pranks like  Looking like his Ex Girlfriend Prank! He Was Stunned!, Hickey Prank on Girlfriend! She Got So Upset!, Ruining My Girlfriend’s Life Prank! It’s Over! and many others.