YouTuber Marlena Stell posts an exposing video about authenticity crisis in influencer marketing! Her aid for domestic violence victims!

YouTuber Marlena Stell is a beauty expert who has been uploading makeup videos on her channel since 2007. She founded her own brand called Make Up Geek in 2008.

Influencer digital marketing and the authenticity crisis

When it first came in, social media influencer marketing was seen as a safe alternative for traditional advertising. But it is now facing an authenticity crisis!

Kylie Jenner‘s entry into this field with her new skincare products caused a stir. People questioned her products Also, she had used pink filters of the floral type over her video. People heavily criticized this since this did not allow the true skin color to be visualized.

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Just a few days back, YouTuber Jaclyn Hill introduced a lipstick brand which was not proper. There have been innumerable such cases of faux pas committed by beauty product influencers of today. Now the whole matter of digital influencer marketing is questioned!

Marlena Stell and her video on the current situation of makeup influencer marketing

Marlena had uploaded a video in which she revealed that the influencers were demanding huge payments for marketing products and their demands ranged from $20,000–$85,000 per YouTube or Instagram post. This led to the propaganda of low-quality products and it has thrown out from this type of marketing genuine small independent sellers who cannot afford it anymore.

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Many beauty influencers do not disclose paid endorsements. The creators morph these videos and put up false claims. The United States Federal Trade Commission has tried to up a check on such wrong practices with some success. The authorities have repeatedly warned Shay Mitchell about her wrong tactics in the advertising industry.

People’s comments to these videos of Marlena Stell

People and fans have welcomed the moves of Marlena Stell to disclose the wrong practices in this field. They have commented below the video of Marlena and one of them wrote:

“I don’t believe ONE damn word beauty gurus/influencers say anymore. They’re all full of shit”

Another social media user wrote:

“Take me back to 2008, before beauty channels considered themselves gurus, hauls were products purchased from actual stores not sponsors/PR.”

There are various threads on Reddit and such social networking sites which have spoken against these wrong tricks of the influencers.

Source; The List (Marlena)

Marlena Stell and her work for victims of domestic violence

YouTuber Marlena is working to not only expose the wrong things in her profession but also working for the victims of domestic violence. Marlena herself had been a victim of this abuse in the past. She said:

“I was a few credits short of a master’s degree. I have two businesses. And I came from a great childhood and yet here I am sitting at nearly 40 years old talking about domestic abuse. If it can happen to me, I know it can happen and has happened to so many others,”

She spoke at length about how to recognize domestic abuse. She said:

“Normally, the abuse isn’t obvious from the get-go,” she said. “You’re thinking, ‘Well, if he’s abusive, he’s gonna show up with a wife-beater shirt and tattoos and he’s gonna come rolling in on a Harley and he’s gonna be really aggressive.’ That is not the stereotype at all. You cannot even spot from the first gate that someone is abusive. They’re very smart. Most of the time, they’re very charismatic. They know how to hide it well.”

“The person that I was with was very charismatic and that’s what I fell in love with this person for,” 

She has announced a makeup bundle that she will sell to raise money in order to support the victims and survivors of domestic violence in Houston in Texas.

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