Yulanda Simon and her married life with Miguel Nunez Jr. and their children!

Yulanda Simon and her married life with Miguel Nunez Jr. and their children!
  • Yulanda Simon is the wife of Miguel A Nunez Jr. who is an American actor, writer, and producer.
  • They wed in 1994 and have two kids together.

Yulanda Simon and her relationship with Miguel A Munez Jr

Yolanda and actor Miguel married in 1994. How they met and began dating is a mystery. But the couple have two lovely daughters; Micole Nunez and Mia Nunez. Micole was born in 1999 and her current age is 21 years.

Mia is the older sibling who was born in 1995 and currently, her age stands at 25 years. They are a happy family with no signs of any obvious conflicts.

Yulanda and Miguel (Source: Getty Images)

Miguel was earlier linked to the actress Monica Patrice Calhoun for many years. Monica has a child who was born in 2000. But she has not revealed the name of the father of this child. But the child is a special child.

He is blind like Monica’s brother. Hence the blindness is most probably due to a hereditary cause. Monica is very attached to the child. She takes him with her for major industry events and walks the red carpet with him.

Besides, she uploads photos and videos of her child on her social media. In one of the video, she was teaching him how to swim. The mother-son bonding is adorable.

Yulanda Simon has a loving husband

The wife Yulanda has a loving husband who also picks up groceries from the supermarket for her. During the recent coronavirus pandemic, Miguel had visited Ralph’s supermarket in Los Angeles. But due to his misfortune, he had some bad experience there.

A few days back, Miguel went to the Ralph’s supermarket and purchased $ 200 worth of grocery items. He tried paying through his credit card but for some unknown reason, the machine declined his card. And Miguel left without doing the payment but took the groceries with him.

Yulanda with husband Miguel (Source: Pinterest)

When he returned a few days later for more food, the store employees put him under citizen’s arrest and called the police. The LAPD police did not take him to the police station due to coronavirus fear. Instead they gave him a ticket and sent him home to self-quarantine.

Despite, all these happenings, Miguel told his fans on social media that he had actually gone back to pay for the groceries he took a few days back from the store.

He added that the store manager refused to take it, told him that he was not special, and called the cops after restraining him there. And later, he announced that he is donating $ 1000 worth of groceries.

He wrote:

“GM All. In light of my miss understanding & Incident at Ralphs I am donating $1000 in Groceries-to the Elderly. And ask if anyone would like to contribute in groceries or with your time to deliver to those who need it most. Reach out. Let’s make a difference. Donate to – The Help Give Care Foundation,” 

More about Yulanda’s life and career

There is no information about Yulanda’s date of birth and hence about her age. Also any data about her parents, siblings, or childhood and her early life is missing. Also, one does know about her college, education, or for that matter her high school.

Yulanda (Source: Biography Fact)

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What was Yulanda’s career before she met, married, and started a family with Miguel remains undisclosed.

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