Leida Margaretha’s stepdaughter Tasha Rosenbrook slapped with a 4-year restraining order!

Leida Margaretha’s stepdaughter Tasha Rosenbrook slapped with a 4-year restraining order!

Soapdirt has been following up about the restraining order requested by Leida Margaretha from 90 Day Fiance. Leida has been granted the restraining order against her stepdaughter Tasha Rosenbrook now.

But what had Tasha done that instigated Leida to move the court?

Leida Margaretha requests restraining order against her stepdaughter

Leida Margaretha of 90 Day Fiance fame had approached The Sauk County Court last month for the issuance of a restraining order against her stepdaughter Tasha Rosenbrook. The Court has jurisdiction over the area where Tasha lives with her family. Soapdirt kept a close watch on this matter ever since.

Source: Soapdirt (Eric, Tasha, and Leida)

Leida was the petitioner in this case and Andrea Elizabeth Von Hoff was representing her. Leida managed to first get a temporary restraining order against Tasha on 30 January 2019. On 8 February 2019, Leida and Tasha were both in court to testify.

After listening to both parties, the Judge decided that Tasha should refrain from going near her stepmother Leida Margaretha. The concerned Judge then slapped a four-year restraining order. The Court’s website also mentions that the harassment restraining order case of Leida is now closed and an injunction has been issued.

Leida Margaretha’s lawyer provides evidence of harassment

An insider told Soapdirt that Leida’s attorney had given the court proof of Tasha’s harassment of Leida. One of them was Tasha’s online interview which she had given.

The interview was posted on YouTube and was a clipping of the popular show Auntie’s Advice. Both Tasha and her mother Tania Rosenbrook had appeared on this show.

Source: Soap dirt (Leida and Tasha)

Besides this, the viewers of 90 Day Fiance know that there has been an ample amount of to-and-fro between Leida and Tasha. These verbal fights were there both on the TLC show as well as had spread on their social media.

The pair used to yell and scream at each other. Leida has on multiple occasions stated that she would seek legal remedies if Tasha did not stop harassing her.

The Judge issues the injunction against Tasha Rosenbrook

The Judge viewed the online battle and other pieces of evidence that Leida’s side presented in Court. The Court then converted the temporary order previously passed into a four-year-long restraining order.

The website of The Sauk County Court states that after this order Tasha cannot engage in certain conduct which they specified. The website also mentions that all the prohibitions imposed on Tasha are in the injunction.

The Judge has put the clause ‘without firearm restriction’. This implies that if Tasha possesses a gun, she does not have to surrender it to the Court.

Source: In Touch Weekly (Eric and Leida)

Leida Margaretha and her husband Eric Rosenbrook

Leida is an Indonesian national aged 29. Her husband Eric Rosenbrook is 41 and Leida is disliked by his previous wife Tania and daughter Tasha.

Tasha was staying with the couple and there was some friction between Leida and Tasha. The matter took a bitter turn when Leida asked Tasha to leave her father’s house.

Source: Soapdirt (Tasha with father Eric)

Leida started receiving online death threats after this and the local police visited their home in November 2018. Later in January 2019, the police again visited the house of the Rosenbrook family when some online messages from Eric’s account revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence.

There is a problem brewing between Eric and Leida also now. Due to this, there are rumors that Leida may divorce her husband soon!

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Source: Soapdirt, Daily Mail

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