Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s daughter has a nut allergy!

Entrepreneur Kylie Jenner does not restrict anything in her daily food. She shared a video on Harper’s Bazaar revealing her daily diet plan. Kylie, 22 also disclosed that her only daughter, Stormi Webster has a nut allergy.

Stormi Webster and her nut allergy

Kylie put up a video on Harper’s Bazaar YouTube channel. She said that her only daughter, Stormi Webster who is 2 now is, unfortunately, suffering from a nut allergy. The toddler is allergic to all types of nuts and not only peanuts. Kylie said:

We are a peanut free household because Stormi is allergic, all nuts not just peanuts.’

Stormi and Kylie (Source: Pinterest)

Hence, Kylie has to be extra careful while preparing food for daughter Stormi. But Stormi enjoys other food items. Kylie revealed:

Stormi and I usually eat breakfast together,’

She likes fruit, blueberries, she loves turkey bacon, she loves bagels.’

So bagels are the favorite of Stormi. The doting mother added:

‘I always wonder “What does this little girl dream about?”

‘We were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and was like “bagel”. I was like “Is she awake right now?” and I looked over. Dead asleep, just dreaming about bagels.’

She also said that Stormi also gets angry when hungry:

 ‘If there was like a face of hangry it would be me.’

‘And, Stormi has it too because when that little girl’s a little hungry, she turns into a different baby. So, if you wonder where she gets it from, it’s me for sure.’

Kylie Jenner and her daily diet plan

The billionaire businesswoman, Kylie revealed what she usually has in a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Furthermore, the actress also disclosed what she consumes as special treats on her ‘cheat’ days.

Kylie (Source: E online)

Kylie’s day starts with a broth or green juice. For breakfast, Kylie has bone broth made of brewed animal bones and connective tissues. She mixes lavender or lemon with it and takes two mason jars of this juice in the morning. On some days, she prefers celery juice:

I have a whole drawer in my refrigerator, just raw celery, so I will juice it fresh.’

Further, she confessed:

I am a coffee and a tea drinker. I have tried to cut back a little bit, but I do love peach tea, I do love my coffee. And I do a vanilla ice latte with oat milk. That’s my dream.’

It keeps her going but she is trying to reduce the amount per day.

More about Kylie’s daily diet

Regarding lunch, she said:

‘Lemon chicken, vegetables, sometimes I make myself tacos. Today I ordered steak burritos and some rice.’

‘If we’re at a hotel I always order lemon chicken and white rice and vegetables, kale salad. yum. Kale salad with jalapenos and croutons. Bomb.’

For dinner, she prefers sushi and said:

I am either cooking for Stormi and myself or I am somewhere eating sushi.

‘For sure I eat sushi way too much. I’ll pretty much try anything unless it’s like raw squid or, like, something with like legs.’

Kylie and Stormi (Source: Metro UK)

For snacks, she has Barbecue Lays, Chilli Cheese Fritos, Extra Cheesy Goldfish, pomegranate seeds or miso soup.

And her cheat food? She said:

‘There I’ll always do a double cheeseburger with just special sauce and grilled onions. I’ll always get it protein style [no bread] or not depending on the mood. Fries, well done, and a Coke.’

For alcoholic beverages, she takes pinot grigio, Corona Light, Bud Light, or even just straight shots.

Source: Daily Mail UK