David Koechner and his wife Leigh Koechner divorce after 22 years of marriage and five children!

January is called the divorce month. True to this, many celebrities have announced their divorce this month. And now Actor David Koechner and his wife of 22 years, Leigh Koechner are splitting.

David Koechner and wife-the divorce

Page Six has court documents of David Koechner and wife Leigh Koechner. David, 57 has filed for dissolution of their marriage with minor children on Tuesday 13 January 2020 in California. The document does not state the reason for their split after so many years of togetherness.

David and Leigh Koechner divorce (Source: TMZ)

Leigh Koechner and her podcast

The wife Leigh, 53 is not just a homemaker. She runs a podcast called “Messy Imperfect Life With Leigh,”. In this, she revealed that she is starting a webinar soon which will to about the different stages of divorce. She wants people and her fans to know that divorce is not always a period of sadness. But one can navigate oneself back to happiness and back to love. She tweeted about the coming of the webinar. She wrote:

Divorce sucks, but we don’t have to suffer,”

Leigh is talk show host and blogger (Source: Daily Mail UK)

David Koechner’s and Leigh Koechner’s relationship

Leigh and David met on an airplane. Leigh has revealed this on her website. She states:

“It wasn’t long before we were married and expecting,”

The couple wed in 1998. They have five kids together and one is a pair of twins. These are Margot, Charlie,  Eve, Sargent, and Audrey. In a recent pic that Leigh posted on her social media, she and David are with the kids on Christmas. They appear amicable and at peace. They used to reside in Los Angeles with their children.

In 2012, while talking on parenthood, Leigh had said:

“I have found the more prepared I am, the smoother things go for everyone. Every night before bed during the school year, everyone’s backpacks are packed and lined up at the door, the snacks are ready and in their lunchboxes, and I try to do as much prep beforehand so that things can be easier.”

David and Leigh were married for 22 years (Source: Pinterest)

David had tattooed the names of his wife and kids on his right upper arm. There was so much live and it is not known what went wrong.

About David Koechner

David hails from Tipton in Missouri which is also his birthplace. His parents are Margaret Ann and Cecil Stephen Koechner. He has three sisters namely Mary-Rose, Cecilia and Joan and two brothers named Mark and Joe. His father was into manufacturing turkey coops. His ethnicity is mixed (English, German, and Irish).

It is a surprise that David has completed his degree in Political Science from Benedictine College and University of Missouri. But later he switched gears and entered a career of improvisational comedy. He studied at Chicago’s ImprovOlympic. He is an actor and comedian and also performs in clubs. David is famous for his role in Anchorman.

Leigh is a talk show host, blogger, and an author.

Short bio on David Koechner

David is an American actor and comedian. Similarly, his role as Champ Kind in the hit 2004 comedy Anchorman. Likewise, he has gone on to star on TV shows like The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show and in films like The Comebacks and Krampus. More info… 

Source: Page Six