Gut Health! Why Sam James Wood wants you to put your focus on it?

Gut Health! Why Sam James Wood wants you to put your focus on it?
  • There is a lot being talked about about gut health these days.
  • It is considered as essential to one’s overall health and has been boasted to play a major role in immunity, fighting diseases, weight loss, and mental health.

What is gut health all about?

Our body is filled with trillions of bacteria most of which lie in the gut. These comprise the good and the bad bacteria and it is the right balance of these which are essential for the overall health and well-being of an individual, experts say.

Gut health is not just having a happy and healthy tummy. It has more to it than that.

Source: Kidspot (Sam James Wood)

Our body at the microscopic level should consist of the right proportion of good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria should be enough to provide one with healthy well-being.

The benefits of good gut health

The fitness expert, Sam James Wood explains how good and healthy gut health could benefit a person. He said that it assists in maintaining good mental health, increasing immunity, fighting diseases, and reducing the risk, and also aids in weight loss.

  1. Mental health-An imbalance of the gut bacteria could lead to gut inflammation and anxiety or depression. This occurs via the hormones and neurotransmitters that communicate between the gut and the brain.

    Source: Booktopia (Sam James Wood)
  2. Immunity-More than 75% of our immune cells lie in the gut and hence when the good bacteria are present in the right proportions in the gut, our immunity is good.
  3. Fight and reduce the risk of diseases-Our body microbiome has the potential to determine our risk of disease. If we take diets high in refined foods, sugars, or low in fiber it adversely affects the gut and leads to varied diseases.
  4. Weight loss-Our fat storage, the balance of blood sugar levels, and appetite control all happen through our gut and hence it plays a major role in weight control.

    Source: Daily Mail (Sam James Wood)
  5. The second brain-The gut is responsible for the production of 90% of our calming neurotransmitters called serotonin and hence a healthy gut implies a good mood.

How to maintain a healthier gut?

Sam James Wood has further explained how to keep your gut healthy. He states that a regular daily dose of pre- and probiotic-rich foods are beneficial. Elimination of stress and rising of fibers on food also assist. One should also minimize the intake of processed foods and sugars.

  1. Prebiotics-These are substances that increase the healthy bacteria in the gut. They are present in bananas, oats, green vegetables, and apples.
  2. Probiotics-These are foods containing good bacteria and include curds or yogurts, fermented vegetables such as pickles, and kimchi that are healthy as well as delicious.
  3. Minimize stress and tension-Cut down on these in your daily life. Exercise and meditate to bring the stress level to negligible levels.

    Source: Popsugar Au (Sam James Wood)
  4. Fiber-rich foods such as green vegetables, fruits, legumes, and beans should be increased in the daily diet to give a healthier gut.
  5. Cut down on refined foods and sugars-Decrease daily sugar intake and sweet food items. Also, decrease your processed food intake. This will contribute to gut health which is not a fad but is here to stay!!!
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