Meet Sukihana Who Lost Her Tooth in Oakland Concert!

Meet Sukihana Who Lost Her Tooth in Oakland Concert!
Sukihana loses teeth (source: Blackeconomicdevelopment)
  • Love and Hip Hop: Miami artist Sukihana loses her front tooth in a wild concert on May 2022 in Oakland, California.
  • Sukihana calls out Chrisean Rock, girlfriend of rapper Blueface, for her missing front tooth on Twitter.
  • Eventually, another music sensation Summer Walker clowned her losing tooth scenario in the TikTok video.

American reality TV personality and rapper Sukihana lost her front tooth in a wild concert in Oakland, California!

What happened at the Oakland Concert

Sukihana aka Destiny Henderson, 27 lost her teeth in Oakland, California. The main cast member on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Miami was involved in the chaos throughout the night.

Sukihana was swindling her wig in the concert while she leave the event without her wig, but she also went home toothless.

Love and HipHop artist (source: Twitter)

Let us tell you what happened Two fans, a woman and a man began wrestling over her wig. Suki began yelling “Who caught the wig?” while the man waved it in the air like a trophy.

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Sukihana reacts through an IGTV video about her missing tooth

Sukihana in her active Instagram account @sukihanatrill posted an IGTV video about her disappointment in losing her front teeth screaming,

 “I don’t want to pay no $20/30,000 for teeth if I can’t eat crab legs… B*tch where is my tooth?” She then added, “I feel like b*tches is hating… What y’all stole it? Y’all stealing teeth now?

Love and HipHop alum loses her tooth in concert (source: Spotify)

Her boisterous personality and uncensored opinions are what make her stand out. Likewise, she has uploaded the concert video and clips writing,

“Chilllddd they was fighting over my wigggg !!!! I love Oakland soooo baddddd”

Even her other video clips from the wild night show at Oakland captioned

 “Child it was 95 degrees in there I had to take my wig off but the show still went on.” 

The hip-hop artist called out Chrisean Rock, girlfriend of rapper Blueface on Twitter via tweet,

“They said blue face girlfriend stole my tooth.”

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Summer Walker Imitates Sukihana IGTV video

Summer Walker clowned Sukhiana losing tooth scenario in the TikTok video. She copied the exact vibes of the reality star from her IGTV video.

Sukihana and teeth
Sukihana and teeth (source: YouTube)

The video was reuploaded by Suki on her Insta citing,

“Childdddddd y’all doing toof much 💀💀💀💀 @summerwalker”

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Who is Sukihana?

Sukihana is an American rapper who released a debut mixtape titled Wolf Pussy. She has appeared on the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Moreover, she made a cameo appearance on August 7, 2020, in American rapper Cardi B’s music video for her single WAP. She got her nickname from an Asian restaurant in the Christiana Mall when someone told her she tasted like Sukihana.

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