Arrangely married, Archie Panjabi a Internationally praised British Actress famous for her character as ‘ Kalinda’ in ‘The Good Wife’s’ and about her personal life and net worth!

Source: Facebook (Archie Panjabi)
Source: Facebook (Archie Panjabi)

Alongside Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry, Christine Baranski, Chris Noth and Alan Cumming, Archie Panjabi has been one of the stand-out members of ‘The Good Wife’s’ classy cast. She has won an Emmy for her performance. It’s not hard to find a recommendation for her performance.

In London, the Bafta for the best-supporting-actor at Sunday’s TV awards was won by Panjabi (who last showed up the ceremony as part of the winning cast of ‘East is East’, in 1999). With her final episode airing on CBS in the US.

Exploring Kalinda’s character

Archie was so nervous playing as Kalinda because she was thought: how are women going to respect this character in terms of being so sexual, and so intelligent?

That’s a combination you might have been seeing more of her on television in the US. But being considered sexual is often not considered smart, so that worried her. Kalinda has a very dark past and, once she understood why Kalinda was like that, she could make it a bit more truthful as opposed to just playing sexual for the sake of it.

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Best and worst moments on ‘The Good Wife’

Archie ‘s best moment was definitely in season two smashing a car with a baseball bat. I actually had a nail with a baseball bat so it smashes the glass.

Describing her experience she said,

“We were in an underground car park, and it wasn’t breaking, so all the men were like, “You should hit it like this!” I know I’m small, but I am quite strong! And it wasn’t my fault – it was something to do with the air pressure in an underground car park – so even when the men tried it, it didn’t smash. It finally did on like the 150th time, so that was fun. The worst is just the 16- to 18-hour days.”

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Filming Career and net worth

 The critically acclaimed and hugely popular film ‘EAST IS EAST’, Archie played a character of a tomboy football mad Meenah Khan. This movie was her debut film. This received a 10-minute standing ovation at Cannes and in 2000 won a ‘BAFTA’ for the Best Film.

In the international hit, Archie went onto to star ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. It was approved for a ‘BAFTA’ and Golden Globe, and for her performance, Archie was rewarded a ‘BBC Mega Mela’.

Archie’s work in the ‘The Constant Gardener’ was also nominated for 10 ‘BAFTA’ and was able to win an OSCAR as well. Archie’s performance was internationally praised. She was awarded numerous ‘Best Actress Awards’. It included one from the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.

The British actress, Archie Panjabi has a net worth of $3 million.

Arranged marriage

Moving on her personal life, Archana Panjabi is a married woman. For the past 18 years, she has been married to Rajesh Nihalani. She was married in the year 1998. Her husband is a tailor.

They got married through an arranged marriage process. Arrange marriage is common in Indian culture. They have not had any child yet.

Her personal life has always remained behind the limelight. It seems like they are busy building their professional life rather than having children.